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6 Simple Ways to Save Energy (and Money!) While Cooking

Cooking can take a big bite out of your energy bill. But with some small changes in your kitchen habits, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy you use while still enjoying delicious meals. Read on for 6 easy tips to save energy and money every time you cook!

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Put a Lid on It

When heating water or cooking food in a pot or pan, always use a lid. This keeps heat from escaping, allowing the contents to cook faster while using less energy.

Only Boil What You Need

Don't boil a full kettle of water if you just need a cup or two. Overfilling kettles and pots wastes huge amounts of energy. The more water, the more energy is needed to make it boil!

Use the Microwave

Microwaves use less energy than conventional ovens. Opt for the microwave whenever you can to reheat, defrost, or cook small portions.

Match Cookware to Burner Size

Make sure pots and pans fit burners appropriately. Oversized cookware take more time to heat and wastes energy. Similarly, a burner that is too big with regards to the size of the pan will waste energy (i.e. the energy won't heat the whole surface of the pan and some of it will be lost!).

Batch Cook in the Oven

Cook as much as possible in the oven in one go to make sure all the space and heat is being used efficiently.

Defrost in the Fridge

Defrost frozen food in the fridge overnight or while you’re at work. This saves energy compared to microwaving, or compared to heating frozen food on the pan. Plus, this will taste better!

The bottom line is: being mindful of your cooking habits and making a few easy changes can significantly reduce the energy you use in the kitchen. And every bit of energy saved puts extra money back in your wallet. Follow these simple tips to cook efficiently while saving energy and cash.


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