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Ganddee Exhibits at BIG South London Summit 2023

We recently exhibited at the BIG (Business, Innovation & Growth) South London Summit in Twickenham, joining the conversation on how to meet the UK’s Net Zero targets and accelerate the region's transition to a circular economy.

Image announcing Ganddee as an exhibitor at the BIG summit

The annual BIG Summit convenes businesses, academia, government and community organizations to address pressing issues facing South London. This year's focus was achieving net zero through innovation.

As part of the Net Zero Business Exhibition, our co-Founder and CEO, Antoine, pitched Ganddee in front of the audience of business leaders, academics and members of the public sector. We were honored to exhibit alongside impact organizations like the London & Partners, Southwark Climate Collective, London Business Partnership, Kingston University, Newable, Better Futures, LSBU and more.

The Innovation Showcase was truly inspiring, demonstrating the latest cutting-edge green technologies being developed in South London. From food waste management platforms to climate education tools, the boroughs below the Thames are pioneering solutions.

Being part of BIG Summit provided an amazing opportunity to engage with the local community driving change. We discussed challenges and identified strengths to support sustainable growth in London. Ganddee is proud to be part of such local initiatives and conversations. We're always looking for partners to join forces and help us deliver on our mission to democratize sustainable consumption. To join forces, ping us here!


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