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Ganddee Joins Unrest Accelerator Cohort 5

We are very excited to announce that Ganddee has been selected to join Cohort 5 of the Unrest accelerator program! Unrest is Europe's only accelerator focused solely on purpose-driven consumer brands, so, needless to say that it is an ideal fit to help us scale our mission of making sustainable living mainstream!

A picture of the participants in Unrest's cohort 5

Over the next 16 weeks, we'll have the opportunity to work closely with the experienced team at Unrest and their partner brand agency Uncommon Creative Studio. Together we'll focus on strengthening Ganddee's brand, community building, fundraising and more as we prepare to take our impact to the next level.

Joining Unrest gives us the chance to connect deeply with like-minded founders from across the cohort. We're honored to be amongst innovative climate and social impact companies like Carial, ChicP, Happity, Loom, Organics, and more. Collaborating with these kindred spirits will undoubtedly spark new ideas and relationships to empower our communities.

Participating in Unrest will provide the guidance, network and resources to ensure Ganddee realizes our full potential. We're grateful to the Unrest and Uncommon teams for seeing our vision and welcoming us into the cohort.

We can't wait to make the most of this experience to take Ganddee's positive impact to new heights.

The journey begins now - stay tuned as we share our progress and lessons from Unrest!


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