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Ganddee: The Ultimate Sustainable Shopping Guide, in Your Pocket

I'm absolutely thrilled to share that today, Ganddee launches on iOS and Android. After months of hard work, engaging with hundreds of users, gathering feedback and iterating, we are now delighted to launch Ganddee on mobile platforms. This will make consuming sustainably simpler, smoother, and more convenient than ever before.

Ganddee is available on the Apple and Play Stores.

Ganddee's mission is to remove frictions to sustainable consumption by making it hassle-free for the average person to find sustainable alternatives to everyday goods and services. We started Ganddee after talking to numerous individuals who told us the same story: "Climate change s*cks, but what can I do about it? I'm not rich and flying private jets 🛩️, so what can I do?".

We understand the feeling..., but we also think things don't have to be that way. Enough of lecturing and judging people for their actions (or lack thereof). We all have a life to live, families to take care of, social connections to create etc.

Let's stop judging and let's start to empower.

As a startup, our mission is to empower the average person with tools that make it easier to shop sustainably. If consuming sustainably is frictionless, it will become the norm, simply because it's simple.

Convenience is key. This is what drove us to build Ganddee.

Given our mission to make sustainable consumption frictionless, going mobile-first has always been part of the plan. So, we started off with a web MVP to test interest, gather feedback and improve. During that time, we quickly realized that our assumption was right: early users asked time and time again to get a mobile app. Today, we cannot be happier to meet your demand.

A growing community of Ganddizens

Despite being available in every country, Ganddee currently focuses on mapping London (UK), where we are located. But the Ganddizens (the citizens of the world, using Ganddee) spread far beyond the UK borders. Ganddee is a movement, a community of individuals willing to use their hard-earned money and purchasing power to be the change, shaping a better, brighter and more sustainable economy - one purchase at a time. Ganddizens can suggest shops to be added on the map, so if you know great venues that aren't listed on Ganddee yet, you can let us know about them, directly in the app. If you're not a Londoner, but would love to use Ganddee where you are, let us know where you want us to go next!

Inspired by You

To truly understand your needs, the entire Ganddee team, including myself, is dedicated to our users. Your feedback has led us to introduce many new features on our web app and played a key role in shaping the Ganddee mobile app. The Ganddee team is proud to identify as customer-centric, building a product that is loved by and empowers Ganddizens around the world.

Exciting times ahead!

Over the last months, we have received a lot of feedback, engaged with many actors in the sustainability space and have big plans ahead to bring sustainable consumption to every home in major cities around the world... ... and we're just getting started!

Stay tuned and join us to shape a better world - one purchase at a time.

Antoine, CEO & co-Founder


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