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How Forest Green Rovers is Redefining Sustainability in Sports

A football pitch at night

Sports have immense power to captivate audiences and bring people together around shared values. Today, though, lovers of sports and the planet might often be worried that the two don't mix really well. In fact, professional athletics, especially popular sports like football - tend to promote excess. Famous footballers traveling the world in private jets, not-so-sustainability-focused sponsors, beef burgers and drinks served in single-use plastics at the stadium, etc. The list goes on. But fortunately, one English football club is showing the sports world a better, more sustainable way.

Forest Green Rovers, a professional football club in Gloucestershire, is the greenest football club in the world. Under the leadership of Dale Vince, founder of green energy provider Ecotricity, Forest Green Rovers are demonstrating how sports can entertain fans while acting as a force for environmental good.

They have implemented impressive green initiatives across all aspects of the club's operations, some of which are listed below:

  • The team plays on an organic football pitch that captures rainwater and recycles it back for irrigation. Their whole site is managed without chemicals or pesticides.

  • FGR is a vegan club. They only serve vegan meals at the stadium, proving that plant-based food can satisfy hungry fans and football players.

  • The club contributes its part to limiting plastic waste by replacing single-use packaging with refillable containers.

  • The club is constructing Eco Park, the world's greenest stadium and the world's first all-wood stadium. (See here for more info)

  • A beehive and wildflower gardens surround the field, fostering biodiversity.

  • Solar panels and a nearby wind turbine provide clean energy to the club.

Forest Green Rovers is influencing the wider sports world to take sustainability more seriously. They were a founding signatory to the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, and FIFA named them the world's greenest club.

Day after day, they’re demonstrating the immense power of sports to drive positive change. Their impressive green transformation, while staying competitive on the field, sends a message that sustainability and entertainment are not opposing forces. Sports teams worldwide should follow their lead in using athletics as a vehicle for building a healthier, greener world.


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