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Reducing your Dog's Environmental Pawprint: Treat Your Pup with Vegan Dog Treats

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

A dog smelling a banana

Looking for a delicious way to reward your furry friend? Vegan dog treats are a great option! Made without any animal products, vegan treats can be a tasty choice for pups with food sensitivities or pet parents who follow a plant-based lifestyle.

When shopping for vegan dog treats, look for brands that align with your values.

Beco Pets

This BCorp and 1% For The Planet certified company offers nutritious vegan treats made from simple, natural ingredients.

Butternut Box

Alongside their fresh dog meals, this BCorp brand makes vegetarian biscuits baked with wholesome grains and seeds.


Omni Pet offers a wide range of vet-formulated, plant-based dog treats made with premium ingredients.


The growing selection of vegan dog treats allows pet parents to align their pup's diet with their own ethical lifestyle choices. You can feel good knowing you are reducing your dog's environmental pawprint while still providing delicious, nutritious snacks. With so many vegan options now available, dogs can enjoy animal-free treats that are better for them and the planet.


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