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Switch to An Eco Sponge: The Microplastics Problem in Your Kitchen

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

A sponge with washing up liquid and foam on a plate

Did you know that the average kitchen sponge can shed significant amounts of microplastics when used? A recent study found that common sponges can release both microplastics and even smaller nanoplastics into the environment during regular use.

These tiny plastic particles then make their way into our water systems and food chain, contributing to the global plastic pollution crisis and potentially impacting your health. That's why it's important to choose eco-friendly sponge alternatives to reduce this plastic waste.

Sustainable shops now offer great options to swap out standard sponges for reusable eco sponges. Some of our favorite places to find plastic-free sponges include:

SWOP - Shop Without Packaging

- Link:

- Address: 7 Burnt Ash Road, Lee Green, London SE12 8RG

- Online shop? Yes


- Link:

- Delivering in North London, serving Archway, Belsize Park, Caledonian, Dartmouth Park, Hampstead, Highgate, Hilldrop, Holloway, Kentish Town, Tufnell Park, and expanding!

Greener Habits, in Walthamstow

- Link:

- Address: 35 St James St, London E17 7FY

- Online Shop? Yes

Find out more!

These shops, among many other zero-waste and refill shops in London can be found on Ganddee! Ganddee makes discovering more sustainable stores easy. Search for "Groceries shop" on Ganddee to find a selection of shops selling sustainable products near you. You're one click away from uncovering a range of eco-friendly sponges, cleaning and beauty products that are friendlier for your health and the planet's.

Ditch plastic-based disposable sponges and opt for sustainable alternatives today!


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