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You Can Now Track Your Activity and Earn Badges on Ganddee!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We're excited to announce new app features that allow Ganddizens to track their sustainable shopping activity and earn fun badges along the way!

A screenshot of the Profile screen of the Ganddee app to show the new activity feature.

On your Ganddee user profile, you can now see a set of counters tracking the shops you have visited and liked in the app.

For example, the profile tracker might show you've supported (i.e. liked or visited) 12 vegan shops, 3 zero waste businesses and 9 second hand places. These counters are adjusted in real time and allow you to better track your activity on Ganddee.

On top of that, we've also added fun badges to unlock (and brag about!). Check the list of available badges (more to come) on the relevant section of your profile. Unlock them by completing milestones in the app and collect them all! Some of them are easy to get, but others will ask for more patience!

Update to the latest version of Ganddee on iOS or Android to start tracking your impact and collecting badges today!

And, as usual, your feedback matters! Let us know what you think in the feedback form of the app!

Till next time,

The Ganddee Team


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