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Exclusive Discounts for Sustainable Brands - Ganddee Deals Launches

We're very excited to share a new feature that makes sustainable living more affordable - Ganddee Deals!

The Ganddee logo and a set of partners logos to announce a partnership

Ganddee Deals provides our users with exclusive promo codes for discounts at select sustainable businesses. This allows you to save money while buying products that are better for you and for the planet.

While consuming sustainably can be much more affordable than commonly thought (e.g. 2nd hand items cost pennies on the pound), we know that shopping for ethical products can come with a premium price tag, which limits accessibility. Ganddee Deals are a step towards making sustainable consumption accessible to all, by partnering with values-aligned brands to offer special savings!

The launch deals include:

  • 10% off skin care at MuLondon

  • 20% off clothing, drinkware and bracelets at Arcticus

  • 20% off pet supplies at Beco

  • 50% off your first box at Oddbox

And more deals are on the way! (see app for T&Cs)

Ganddee Deals makes it easy to shop your values without overspending. You can finally find vetted businesses providing quality sustainable goods at affordable prices.

Check the Ganddee Deals section when searching for your next purchase. Tick the "Deals" filters in the Online tab of the app and off you go. If you have suggestions for deals at your favorite sustainable brands/shops, let us know! (And/or tell the shops to ping us!) For partnerships, reach out to us here.

Let's make sustainable consumption the new norm, together. Till next time, Ganddee Team


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