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Ganddee Referrals Contest


Refer your friends to Ganddee, get points, climb up the leaderboard & show off your skills to the world!

When friends join with your referral code you get 30 points and they get 20 points.

Game is on!

Getting a referral code

Register and tick "Yes" to participate in the referral contest. Once registered, we'll send you a referral code by email.

If you have any questions, contact us at:

Why join?

To become a Ganddee OG and be forever remembered as one of the early ambassadors of the project.

The feeling of pride and accomplishment you'll experience from being a top referrer is priceless. Not to mention, the bragging rights that come along with it! Oh, and... Some community goals unlock new listings on Ganddee Maps!

​So, what are you waiting for? Start referring your friends today and see where you land on the leaderboard.

Good luck!


You can participate in teams. When part of a team, your individual points also count towards the team's score.

Be careful, you can only join a team upon registration. Once registered, you cannot change. Choose wisely!


The contest will run from March 13th 2023 00:00am to April 13th 2023 11:59pm UK time.

Registrations outside this period will not count as part of the challenge.

We'll update the leaderboard at 10am UK time on Mondays and Thursdays.

Important details

  • Registering without a referral code doesn't provide any points, so be sure to find a valid code when you join!

  • If you register multiple times with referral codes (either the same or different ones), only the referral code provided upon the first registration (as per the timestamp on our servers) will count. Other registrations won't count towards the challenge.

  • If you register and provide a referral code that is not valid (i.e. not allocated to anyone), the registration won't grant any points.

  • If two or more participants have the same score, we will use the registration timestamp (as per our servers) to decide between them. The first to register will win the highest position, so don't wait to register!

  • Please use our infrastructure reasonably and be respectful with everyone at all times. If we detect suspicious activity or see harmful content, we reserve the rights to take appropriate measures and ban you from the competition, without notice. In the worst cases and if need be, we'll always take all measures to collaborate with authorities.

  • This contest is not intended for children. Please do not register to this contest if you are not allowed to act on your own behalf in your country/jurisdiction.

  • We see this contest as a fun way to interact with the growing Ganddee community and maximize our collective impact. This is strictly for fun. We reserve the rights to abort, change or cancel the competition, without notice. Please refer to this page for changes. Participating in the contest means that you agree with the terms on this page.

  • If you'd like to withdraw from the contest, email us at: with "Withdrawal from referral contest" as Subject and provide your referral link and full name in the body.

  • For more information about how your data is processed, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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