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The Story of Ganddee


Navigating a World of Consumption

Picture yourself surrounded by marketing messages, advertisements, and promotions, all vying for your attention. In our consumption-driven world, it's not always easy to discern truly valuable and sustainable products. Not only does this lead to spending on items you don't need, but it also impacts the environment.

Lost consumer is a street full of advertisement
Consumer voting with dollar bills.

We live in the consumer-economy, so, we are the economy. When we choose to buy a product or service, we are casting our vote for that company, empowering it with our financial support. Every day is election day on the market. We can all shape a better world by consuming things that align with our values.

The Market Elections - Voting with Your Money

Ganddee - Helping You Vote for a Better World

Ganddee provides the resources you need to make conscious choices, leading you to sustainable options that save you money, align with your values, and have a lasting positive impact on the planet.

A user of Ganddee app looking at his phone to find sustainable shops

Every project has a vision, ours is to make the world a better place.

See you soon on Ganddee.

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