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A list of quick actions you can take to help Ganddee grow

A huge thank you for being part of our shared mission to make sustainable living accessible to all 🌱 Each idea below takes just a few seconds or minutes of your time and helps the Ganddee movement grow!

Low hanging fruits...

... on LinkedIn

1. Tell your LinkedIn network you joined the Ganddee community (⏱️ 30 sec)

We've prepared a nice ready-to-post description here!

Thanks for your help! 🙏

2. Add that you're a member of Ganddee on your LinkedIn profile (⏱️ 30 sec)

Being an active member of the Ganddee community is something to be proud of. You're helping shape a better world. Everything you need is here!

Thanks! Your LinkedIn profile is looking great! 🤩

3. Like and comment other Ganddizens' posts! (⏱️ 30 sec)

LinkedIn's algorithm gives a lot more visibility to posts that are liked and commented on. The more engagement on a post, the more visibility. Find other Ganddizens' posts here! Let's share the love and give visibility to fellow Ganddizens!

Thanks for empowering the community! 💪


Tell your 3 friends about Ganddee (⏱️ 30 sec)

Invite your friends to the community by sharing the app with them. You can do so directly in the app by following these 3 very simple steps.

Thanks! We're can't wait to welcome your friends to the community! 🤩

Give us feedback on the app (⏱️ 1 min)

If you haven't already, join our Discord community and tell us what you think about the app, what you prefer and what you don't like!

Thanks for helping us improve Ganddee! 👏

Become a blog contributor

Send us an email to become a Guest write on the Ganddee Blog! We'll send you the quick steps to follow to get your first post in!

Thanks, we're so excited to read your amazing contributions! ✍️

Become a Ganddee ambassador in your University

Ganddee is all about people. People acting, together, to shape a better world. If you align with the movement's mission and would like to help spread the word to your university, company and/or local community; we'd love to have you as a Ganddee Ambassador (volunteer). Let's chat!

Thanks for becoming an ambassador!

You rock! 🪨 🙌

Give Ganddee a 5-star review on the app stores (⏱️ 30 sec)

Giving Ganddee a 5-star review on the app stores helps (a lot!) the app to rank higher on the stores when users search for apps like Ganddee! Visit Ganddee on the Play Store (Android), or on the Apple Store (iOS). Then give us a 5-star review (+ drop us a nice little review message 🤗!) If you're not sure how to give a review, click here for a quick step-by-step guide!

Thanks for helping us rank higher on the app stores! 🆙 📈


There are lots of ways for you to help Ganddee grow!
Action is power 💥

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