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5 Simple Resolutions to Save Money and Live a More Sustainably in 2024

A new year is the perfect time to commit to positive changes. Here are 5 simple resolutions you can make in 2024 that are kind to both the planet and your wallet.

A pen and a piece of paper with "New Year Resolutions" written on it

Buy More Second-hand

Shopping at thrift stores, garage sales or on resale apps lets you find quality items at fraction of retail prices. You'll save money while giving good-as-new goods a second life and preventing waste. Make it a habit to check second-hand sources first before buying new.

To make it easier, you can find hundreds of second-hand and thrift shops in your local area on Ganddee.

Rent Items You Only Need Once or Twice

Rather than purchasing specialty items or tools you’ll barely use, rent them instead. Neighborhood rental apps connect you to people with items to lend or services to provide, one such app is Fat Llama for instance. You can also discover Library of Things nearby on Ganddee where you can easily rent the tools or items you would rarely use. Renting what you need occasionally is both affordable and sustainable.

Repair More

Don’t toss out broken electronics, appliances, torn clothing or damaged possessions. See if you can repair them first. Repair cafés and fix-it clinics offer guidance and repair services. You can also learn new DIY skills watching tutorial videos to mend your own belongings.

Compost Food Scraps

Over one-third of all food produced globally is thrown away, and over one-third of household trash is organic waste. Composting recycles those scraps into a free garden (or indoor plant) fertilizer that nourishes plants naturally. Whether using a backyard bin or community compost pile, putting food waste to good use saves money. Living in a flat? No worries! This article provides guidance on how to compost in a flat.

Help Grow Ganddee

This year, take action and help us grow the Ganddee movement! Engage with Ganddizens by joining our WhatsApp group, attend one of our event and help us reach more people on LinkedIn and other social networks! Together we can grow Ganddee into a thriving platform for ethical consumption, powered by people like you.

This new year, try out some of these resolutions that benefit your pocketbook and the planet. Small steps make a big difference. What will you do in 2024 to save money and live more sustainably?


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