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Ganddee Named a Top 10 Startup in the Prestigious ESADE's eWorks Acceleration Program

Woop Woop! Ganddee has been selected as a Top 10 startup at the eWorks acceleration program, hosted by the world-renowned ESADE business school!

A speaker speaking in front of an audience
Antoine, our CEO, pitching Ganddee in front of a packed room at Demo Day

We are so excited to announce that Ganddee recently completed the eWorks accelerator program of the ESADE Business School. This was an invaluable experience that connected us with the wider impact community in Europe.

ESADE is one of the top-ranked business schools in the world, known for its entrepreneurship programs and MBAs. We were honored to be selected in the 0waste cohort of their eWorks accelerator, a 6-month program focused on startups creating positive social and environmental impact.

The accelerator provided an intensive program of mentorship, workshops, resources and pitching opportunities. We met with seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and experts in sustainability and social impact. Participating in eWorks introduced Ganddee to the thriving startup ecosystem in Barcelona. We engaged with dozens of mission-driven founders and innovators. These connections will be invaluable as we continue building partnerships and growing our impact!

Demo Day was a highlight - as a top 10 startup we were selected to pitch Ganddee to a packed audience at ESADE and received a lot of exciting feedback. We're leaving Barcelona motivated like never before!

We're grateful to the eWorks team and mentors who made the accelerator such an amazing experience! Onwards and forwards. Let's bring sustainable consumption to every household.


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