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Ganddee Partners with Shop from Crisis to Help You Save Money on Your Charity Shop Finds

An image representing the logo of Crisis and the logo of Ganddee

We are absolutely thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Ganddee and Shop from Crisis, the charity retail arm of the leading national homelessness charity Crisis. This collaboration will allow Ganddee users to save money on purchases while supporting a fantastic cause.

Ganddee users can now receive 15% off purchases at Shop from Crisis stores all around London by showing their Ganddee app discount code at checkout (see full T&Cs in the app). This will apply to both in-store and online shopping with Shop from Crisis, marking the first time Ganddee is offering in-store deals in partnership with a retailer.

Empowering sustainable and charitable shopping is central to Ganddee’s mission. We aim to make it easy for our community to find and support businesses that align with their values. Partnerships like this one with Shop from Crisis allow us to expand the impact we make together.

Shop from Crisis operates over 10 charity shops across London, selling high-quality pre-loved items at affordable prices. Shopping at their stores gives a second life to like-new items and supports Crisis’ vital work ending homelessness. This makes Shop from Crisis the perfect retail partner for Ganddee as we work to make sustainable living accessible to all and rewarding.

The exclusive Ganddee x Crisis discount gives the community of Ganddizens the opportunity to save money, keep usable items out of landfills, and change lives through the power of shopping.

Stay tuned for more Ganddee Discounts coming soon as we continue to deliver on our mission to make sustainable living easy and rewarding, for all.


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