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Looking for a Florist in North London? Help Reduce Flower Waste At The Flower Bank

Orange and yellow flowers

Flowers are a beautiful way to express love, celebration and remembrance. But the cut flower industry relies on an extensive global supply chain that takes a major toll on the environment. Unfortunately, the environmental impact of cut flowers lasts much longer than their ephemeral beauty.

To put things in perspective, about 75% of the cut flowers sold in the US are coming from Colombia. To meet demand in the US, 30-35 planes fully loaded with flowers fly from Bogota to Miami every day during peak seasons (see here). Such transport comes with a massive environmental footprint for a cut flower industry that has transformed into an import-reliant model.

Fortunately, some exceptional local actors work to mitigate flower waste in their area, and we are lucky to have one of them in North London: The Flower Bank. This charity florist collects flowers that would otherwise be discarded and repurposes them into beautiful arrangements.

The Flower Bank's team of volunteers rescues surplus blooms from corporate events, weddings, markets and more across London. These flowers are given new life as bouquets, table designs, and wreaths for care homes, community centers, and individuals in need.

By shopping at The Flower Bank, you support their mission to reduce flower waste and spread joy. As the cut flower industry grapples with its extensive environmental impact, ethical florists like The Flower Bank offer a planet-friendly alternative. They reuse flowers that would otherwise be tossed and compost those that don't find a home.

Next time you need a florist in North London, choose one that gives back - The Flower Bank. Your purchase helps sustain their fight against flower waste one rescued stem at a time. As for many other sustainable consumption venues, The Flower Bank can be found on Ganddee, your sustainable shopping companion. Give it a go, and start to put your money where it matters, but finding shops that do better!

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