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Sustainable Gifts for Her: Delighting Your Loved One Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth

Finding gifts for the special woman in your life just got more thoughtful with these ideas that are kinder to the planet.

A set of red tulips

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Help her reduce waste with organic cotton pads that remove all makeup with just water. Reusable pads replace endless disposable wipes and cotton balls.

Handcrafted Ceramic Mugs Ethically produced ceramic mugs made by artisans liven up her daily coffee or tea. A nice ceramic mug from a local artisan is a great way to make every morning feel special while supporting your local community.

Clean Skincare Sets Pamper her with skincare containing ethically sourced, vegan ingredients. Sets from MuLondon (online) are made of vegan and organic products that clean and nourish skin naturally.

Upcycled Flowers Surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers upcycled from events and repurposed by The Flower Bank to reduce waste. Their flowers, rescued from landfills, will bring joy and beauty to her interior.

Indoor Plants Add life to her space with low-maintenance indoor plants like succulents, snake plants or pothos. Greenery purifies air, boosts mood and thrives with just sunlight and occasional watering. Find indoor plants and gardening accessories online at The Stem.

Yoga Mat A yoga mat made from natural rubber and organic cotton from brands like QiEco is a great gift that promotes sustainability and wellness.

Fine Dining Experience Instead of material things, gift her a memorable evening out at a restaurant like Gauthier Soho in London. Their succulent, gastronomic vegan cuisine in an elegant setting makes a meaningful experience.


Looking for more ideas and inspiration for sustainable gifts? Check on Ganddee to find sustainable alternatives!


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