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Rethink Secret Santa with a Sustainable Gift Swap

The holiday season is prime time for Secret Santa gift exchanges, whether with family, friends or colleagues. This beloved tradition is fun but often results in people buying small trinkets and cheap generic gifts that end up unused and create needless waste.

This year, give Secret Santa a sustainable makeover by organizing a gift swap instead of shopping spree. Here's how it works.

A person gifting a wrapped present for Christmas

The Rules

  • Set a price range for gifts, like $10-20 or £5-10.

  • Have each participant bring 1-2 quality items from home that they no longer need and fit within the set range. These can be lightly used clothes, books, small electronics, home goods, accessories, small homeware items (don't bring a table 😅) etc. Items should be in very good condition.

  • At the gift exchange, participants randomly draw names and swap their pre-loved items.

The Benefits

  • Circular giving. Rather than consuming new items, a gift swap circulates previously owned goods. Your trash becomes someone's treasure!

  • Memorable moments. Swapping used goods creates opportunities to share stories and memories about the items exchanged.

  • Cost savings. No need to shop since you'll use existing belongings.

  • Less waste. Quality second-hand gifts get reused rather than tossed.

  • Meaningful gifts. Participants often put more thought into swapping a beloved item versus buying a generic gift.

  • Fun surprises. The swap format adds an element of surprise and serendipity.

This season, gather your teammates, family or friends for a Secret Santa gift swap party. Enjoy the social spirit of giving while also keeping sustainability top of mind. Share your experience with us on Insta #ganddee!


Download Ganddee for free on the Apple and Google Play stores to join the growing community of ethical consumers!


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