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Should Gifting Rhyme with Owning? Rethinking Gifts in the Sharing Economy

The holiday gift giving season is here, which means mad dashes to the mall and online retailers to buy the latest gadgets, clothes, and toys. This cycle of consumption often leads to clutter and waste as we accumulate more stuff, much of which goes unused.

This year, we challenge the notion that gifts must equate ownership. Let's consider giving gifts that provide temporary access to items through rental rather than ownership. Let's see some examples.

A person giving a black paper heart to someone else

For kids Gift a toy library membership to provide kids access to an ever-changing trove of toys year-round. No need to buy plastic play sets and gadgets they will outgrow in months.

Not sure where to find these? Discover toy libraries like the Lewisham or Leytonstone Toy Libraries on Ganddee! (For more, tick the "Toys" filter.)

For teenagers and adults

  • Gift a bike rental membership (like Swapfiets or a Lime/Santander bike subscription!), so the recipient can ride across London with the chosen (e-)bike.

  • Pay for a subscription to a clothing rental service (e.g The Devout). Your loved one can enjoy a revolving wardrobe of clothes for every occasion without having to store them all.

  • Gift a membership to a tool lending library. The DIYer in your life will appreciate access to specialty tools without having to purchase their own.


  • Prepay car/motorbike rental fees as a gift of transportation freedom and flexibility.

  • Treat someone to a vacation rental stay. Give them a mini-getaway at unique lodgings without having to gift them a property (because we all do gift houses, don't we? 😂).

Gifting rental memberships and prepaid fees provides the joy of temporary access without the burden of ownership and storage. Possession does not have to be forever for a gift to feel meaningful.

You can also gift borrowing and sharing. For example, if you have a little brother who's always wanted extra time on your gaming console, consider gifting him borrowing access for a couple of months. Sharing access to your own possessions can be a heartfelt, sustainable gift.

This holiday season, give sustainably from the heart. Skip the material objects and share experiences, adventures, and new perspectives through the gift of rental.


For more tips of these kind, download Ganddee for free on all app stores and shop more sustainably in London and beyond.


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