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Top 5 Apps For Living Sustainably in the UK in 2024

Updated: Jan 9

With climate change and the rising cost of living crisis, it’s more important than ever to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint that can also save us money. The good news is there are now great mobile apps available that make it easy and convenient to adopt more eco-friendly habits on a budget.

A hand holding a smart phone with the Ganddee app welcome screen displayed

These apps help you cut emissions by promoting sharing, prevent food waste by redistributing surplus, allow access to items without ownership, and help you find ethical and sustainability-focused businesses in your local area. With these amazing apps, we can all take small steps that add up to real change while also being mindful of our finances.

Here are 5 useful apps - in the UK - to help you reduce your environmental impact in 2024:

  1. Ganddee - Download the Ganddee app to discover ethical and eco-friendly alternatives near you, from fair trade or vegan cafés to second-hand shops. Ganddee helps you find sustainable alternatives to your everyday goods and services. Ganddee is the easiest way to discover second hand, rental, refill shops and more, in your area.

  2. Olio - This sharing app connects neighbors locally to cut waste. Whether you've got extra garden veggies, some pastries that are going to go bad or just want to find cheap groceries, Olio helps you share food with your local community. Users post what they have available or want in their area. The app has 7 million users across 60 countries sharing produce, cupboard staples and household items.

  3. Too Good To Go - This app lets you find and reserve discounted surplus food from local shops and restaurants like Costa Coffee and Pret a Manger to prevent waste. You pay a small fee upfront, then collect your mystery bag of food containing the unsold items of the day. Too Good To Go has saved over 34 million bags of surplus food from landfills so far.

  4. Fat Llama - Ditch buying new stuff. The Fat Llama app allows you to rent or lend anything from camping gear to party supplies from people in your local community. By sharing infrequently used items peer-to-peer, Fat Llama promotes access over ownership and allows you to get value out of your unused items.

  5. Hurr - Renting fashion is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Hurr allows you to choose designer and high street clothes to rent for a fraction of retail prices. Have items delivered to try on at home, then return using the prepaid envelope. The Hurr app makes elevating your wardrobe eco-friendly by promoting clothing reuse in the UK.

Bonus: Use ShareWaste to compost your food scraps within your local community. Composting prevents your food waste from ending up in landfills and contributes to enriching and fertilising soil.

With these sustainable apps, you can cut emissions, reduce waste, support ethical brands, and make local impact. Download them today to level up your eco-living game in 2024 and beyond!

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