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Partnering with Planet Mark to Drive Sustainable Change

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We're delighted to announce an impactful new partnership with Planet Mark, a pioneering sustainability certification organization. Since their founding in 2013, Planet Mark has empowered over 600 organizations globally to reduce their carbon emissions through expert guidance, training, and certification.

An image representing Ganddee and Planet Mark's logo to announce a partnership

Planet Mark equips businesses with the tools and insight they need to transition to more sustainable models. They go beyond measuring carbon to help organizations strengthen their social impact, operational efficiency, and governance. Their decade of experience enables companies of all sizes to take action on reducing their environmental footprint.

We're glad to be partnering with an organization like Planet Mark to amplify our respective impact and deliver on Ganddee's mission to remove frictions to sustainable consumption. Collaborations like these truly make a difference and are key to catalyze the transition to a more sustainable economy.

We're confident that Planet Mark's proven expertise complemented by our consumer-focused approach will bring positive change and accelerate the transition to low-carbon living.

We look forward to uniting our strengths with Planet Mark and engaging our joint communities. Together we can democratize sustainability - because a brighter future is possible when we all work as one.


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