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Library of Things: The Best Way to Save Money For Things You Only Need Once

Tired of cluttering up your home with items you rarely use? There's a solution that saves money while reducing clutter and waste - Library of Things (LoT).

Image showing the Ganddee app and the instructions to find library of things on the map

What is a Library of Things?

A Library of Things is a community-based service where members can borrow useful household items, tools, and recreational gear instead of purchasing them. The concept turns ownership on its head by providing access without the burden and cost of buying.

LoTs offer a catalog of everything from ladders and drills to cake pans, toys and metal detectors. Borrowers simply check items out like a library book, use them for a few days or weeks, then return so others can enjoy them too.

Some of the benefits of borrowing from a Library of Things are:

  • Save money - No need to buy expensive items you'll hardly use

  • Reduce clutter - Avoid filling your home with single-use (or rarely used) gadgets

  • Have a positive impact on the environment - Lower consumption and waste from manufacturing

  • Build community - LoTs connect neighbors and strengthen local ties

While the pioneers at Library of Things operate locations across London and the UK, LoTs can (and do!) pop up anywhere there's a community willing to share! Schools, churches, neighborhoods, and organizations of all kinds have created tool libraries and lending sheds. There are dozens of library of things/tools/stuffs across the UK!

Some even operate through informal 'Buy Nothing' groups or sharing spreadsheets.

At Ganddee we're making it easy for you to find a LoT near you. We've mapped LoTs of all sorts across the UK on our app for you to find borrowing/rental spots easily around where you live.

Together, we can rethink ownership, foster sustainable living, and discover the many benefits borrowing offers over buying!

Why buy when you can borrow for a fraction of the cost?


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